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Red Line Diesel - WaterWetter UNIVERSAL

Brand: Red Line Oils | Category: Coolant Additive
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80213 Diesel Water Wetter
Size 15oz Bottle
80223 Diesel Water Wetter
Case of 12/15oz Bottles

Product Description

Same improvements in cooling efficiency as Water Wetter, but without the rust and corrosion inhibitors. Designed for heavy-duty diesel engines which use more than 33% antifreeze.

Its cooling system heat transfer agent for use with antifreeze / water solutions improves the ability of coolant to wet heat transfer surfaces by 50%. This provides significantly better coolant contact in the cylinder head and can reduce coolant and cylinder head temperature by as much as 10-20°F. This product will not lower the temperature of the cooling system below the thermostat temperature and will be effective when the thermostat is wide open, such as heavy traffic of climbing long grades. This improvement in wetting helps reduce cavitation in liners and water pump.

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